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  Frank Trace Line Dance Website and Ohio Summer Dance ClassicFrank Trace Line Dance Website and Ohio Summer Dance Classic

Current popular line dances


  3D (Dance Disco Dance) Frank Trace  
  24K Magic EZ Dee Blansett  
            1159 Rachael McEnaney-White           
  Ah Si Rita Masur  
  Always Will Heather Barton  
  Around Again Frank Trace  
  Back On Texas Time Gail A. Dawson  
  The Banana Dance Adam Astmar  
  Bounce Bounce Frank Trace  
  Bullfrog On A Log Cef Decaney  
  Cake By The Ocean (EZ) Sandy Goodman  
  Broke Michelle Wright  
  Cadillacs & Caviar Sue Ann Ehmann  
  Come Back My Love Juliet Lam  
  Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson Szymanski  
  Cool Than Me Frank Trace  
  Country As Can Be Suzanne Wilson  
  Cowboy Bump Darren Bailey  
  Cowboy Charleston Unknown  
  Do You Remember Biggs & Metelnick  
  DHSS Gaye Teather  
  Disco Funk Levi J. Hubbard  
  Down The Road Apiece Frank Trace  
  Duck Soup Frank Trace  
  Emergency Frank Trace  
  EZ Shuffle  Larry Bass  
  Fun In The Sun Frank Trace  
  Glass Of Wine Malene Jakobsen  
  Gloria Rosie Multari  
  Good At Being Bad Maggie Shipley  
  Good Morning Thompson & Holloway  
  Gin & Tonic Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan-Hickie  
  Gives Me Shivers Brandon Zahorsky  
  Gleeful Waltz Frank Trace  
  Happy Radio Frank Trace  
  Heave Away Rob Fowler  
  Holler Oh Babe! Frank Trace  
  Honey Pie Maggie Gallagher  
  I Feel Like Dancing Michelle Wright  
  I Was On A Boat Trevor Thornton  
  I'm Free Sarlemijn, Verdonk, Babinec  
  Jersey Boys Gary Lafferty  
  Just a Two Steppin' Gifford & Thompson-Szymanski  
  K Is For Kicks Christopher Gonzalez  
  Little Charleston Frank Trace  
  Little Cupid Frank Trace  
  Little Red Book Dee Musk  
  Little Rumba Donna Laurin  
  Lucky Lips Gary Lafferty  
  Mamma Maria Frank Trace  
  Majestic (The) Frank Trace  
  Meat & Potato Man Karen Tripp  
  Midnight Walk Frank Trace  
  Moving Hips Frank Trace  
  On The Roof Rutter & Butterworth  
  Rocket To The Sun Maddison Glover  
  Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel Jamie Marshall  
  Sexy Mona Lisa Niels Poulsen  
  Skinny Genes Pay & Lizzie Stott  
  Smells Like Trouble To Me Frank Trace  
  Stand By Me Sarlemijn & Verdonk  
  Take Me Home Karen Tripp  
  Texas Hold 'Em EZ Cathy Garland  
  That Honky Tonk Highway Maggie Shipley  
  Touchy Larry Bass  
  Uptown Funky Jill Weiss  

  3 Tequila Floor Glover & Thompson-Szymanski  
  Adaptable Frank Trace  
  After The Rain Frank Trace  
  All I Am Is You Julia Wetzel  
  American Kids Randy Pelletier  
  Another Night With You Larry Bass  
  Another One Bites The Dust Ryan Hunt  
  Around The Fire Sala, Bailey, Richard, Durand  
  Before You Love Me Joshua Talbot  
  Blessed Jackie Miranda  
  Blue Note Jan Smith  
  Blowing Smoke Antoinette Seiler  
  Bonaparte's Retreat Middison Glover  
  Bringing It Back Fred Whitehouse  
  Can't Catch Me Johnson & Madge  
  Champagne Promise Tina Argyle  
  Codigo Pat Stott  
  Cold Heart Maddison Glover  
  Country Nights Gallagher & O'Reilly  
  Crowded Mind McKeever & Poulsen  
  Dancing With A Stranger Johnny Two-Step  
  Do It With Style Gagnon & Beauchamp  
  Do It Like This Jonno Liberman  
  Dim The Lights Glover & Ward  
  Drinkaby Rachael McEnaney  
  Eyes For You Jo Thompson-Szymanski  
  Give Me Your Tempo Nathan Gardiner  
  Groovy Love Fred Whitehouse  
  Havana Cha Ria Vos  
  Heaven's Jukebox Vane & Brown  
  Here You Come Again Joshua Talbot  
  I Close My Eyes Hazel Pace  
  Keep Young Maggie Gallagher  
  Late Night Habits
Julia Wetzel  
  Lay Low Darren Bailey  
  Little Heartbreak Camps & Verdonk  
  Lil Boo Thang Julia Wetzel  
  Love Letter Waltz Frank Trace  
  Love Me Or Leave Me Frank Trace  
  Lonely Drum Darren Mitchell  
  Marakaibo Gary O'Reilly  
  Martini Time Frank Trace  
  Mixing Moon Verhagen & Stumpe  
  My Spicy Margarita Joshua Talbot  
  Raised Like That Darren Bailey  
  Ready For It Evan VanScoyk  
  Shake Your Cake Glass & Flowers  
  Sharks Julia Wetzel  
  Senorita La-La-La Julia Wetzel  
  Simplemente Kate Sala  
  So Just Dance Dance Dance Vane & Richard  
  Soul Shake Fred Whitehouse  
  Storm & Stone Maddison Glover  
  Sweet Caroline Darren Bailey  
  The Shape Of You Mainz & Pedersen  
  Til The Neons Gone Darren Bailey  
  Too Many Times Frank Trace  
  Un Poquito McEnaney, Thompson-Szymanski  
  Vibe (The) Tim Johnson  
  Who's Up All Night Brandon Zahorsky  
  Yeah! Michael Barr